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Rose Garden Growing Made Easy

Rose Planting

Happy is the rosarian who is free to choose the spot in which to make his rose garden—to choose the ideal position, with ideal soil, in an ideal climate. Such fortuitous combinations are possible. But though they do not fall to the lot of one rose-lover in a hundred, it is still easy to find a bit of ground in which roses will flourish; for, with proper care, there are few localities—in England at all event —where they cannot be made to grow. At the same time, in choosing the position of our rose garden, certain dangers must be guarded against, as far as possible. (more…)

Thu, November 20 2014 » Gardening »

Why Gardening Is Generally Beneficial To Your Health

Gardening for HealthThere are many people who view gardening as a hobby and a very satisfying pastime. Thinking about designing and framing a garden to your own personal taste can be very appealing and there are plenty of people of all ages who are gardening enthusiasts. You can find great gratification once you see your garden thriving and receive compliments from your friends and neighbors. Then again, there is another advantage to gardening that might encourage even more people to become involved and that is the positive impact it can have on your health. We will spend time taking a look at how gardening can have a positive impact on your health. (more…)

Mon, November 17 2014 » Gardening »

The Top Lawn In The Neighborhood Could Be Yours

Nice Lawn

Your grass can make the difference on whether your home looks nice or not. Generally the yard is the first thing people see when they come to your home for the first time. Listed here are some suggestions that will help that first impression be a good one. (more…)

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