Add an Orangerie to Your Home for Style and Quality of Living

orangerie house

Traditional orangeries are elegant glass structures popular in the 17th century. However, today they are often likened to conservatories. Although they are similar to conservatories they actually have a solid wall construction as well as plenty of glass windows and doors.

Orangeries have many great advantages and add a lot of style to your home as well as increasing your quality of living. Below are some of the key benefits of adding an orangerie to your home.

orangerie house

An orangerie attached to the side of a house
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 Extra Space

 Orangeries offer a lot of extra space in your home. Whether you add one onto your kitchen, dining room or lounge, the extra space goes a long way. You can use it for whatever you want, including a playroom for the children, dining room or simply another room for you to relax and chill out in.

One of the best things about an orangerie over a conservatory is that orangeries have insulated walls so you can control the temperature a lot easier, which increases the room’s usage versatility.

Having an orangerie also maximizes the use of the room in your garden. If you have a lot of unused garden space and would rather have the comfort of the indoor room then an orangerie is the perfect investment.


Orangeries can be custom made to whatever size and shape you want. This means that whether you want a large, standard orangerie, or an unusually shaped, smaller orangerie, you can get just what you need.

These stylish rooms improve your quality of living within your specific requirements, and can accommodate exactly what you want. This personalized touch gives you the freedom to design your orangerie in whatever way you desire and allows you ultimate control over the style of your home.

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The inside of a simple orangerie used as an extended entrance way
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Natural Light

Lighter homes are more welcoming, attractive and make the house look bigger; orangeries are an easy way to allow extra light into your home. It is proven that lighter places and soft colours generally make people happier and more relaxed, so adding an orangerie to your home will greatly improve your quality of living.

With the great amount of windows in an orangerie, natural light flows freely and easily into your home making for a relaxing and stylish room. One of the greatest benefits of adding an orangerie to your room is the fantastic amount of light added to your home.


When a home seems to be getting just a little bit too small, many people immediately consider moving house, however, this is not always the most cost effective decision. Adding an orangerie to your home is often the cheaper choice and can get you exactly the amount of extra room you’re looking for.

As well as increasing the value to your home to yourselves, adding an orangerie will add to the overall value of your house, so when you eventually do come to move house, it will be worth more money.


Orangeries are fantastic investments and offer many benefits. They are stylish and improve your quality of life, so it’s easy to see why buying an orangerie is a great decision. For Orangeries Nottingham, contact DM Windows for further information.

Article by Natalie Moody

Image credits: Wikipedia and dctim1