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The Wars of the Roses

Symbolism of Roses Today Today red roses are closely associated with passion and romance and are without a doubt the most popular choice on Valentine‚Äôs Day (learn further the history and celebrations of Valentine’s Day 2014 here). White roses symbolise purity, innocence and reverence, making them a popular choice for weddings. The symbolic interpretation of […]

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Run, Rabbit, Run! Ridding Your Garden of Rascally Rabbits Safely

Rabbits are adorable, furry rodents that represent fertility and abundance in folklore. In reality, though, they can be furry voracious beasts that can decimate a garden if given the opportunity. There are many removal methods on the market today that emphasize shortening the lifespan of these cute herbivores but killing every rabbit that has your […]

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With the Help of Natural Gardening You’re Going To Be Doing Nature A Good Deed

Natural gardening is a lot like anything else in that not everyone will want to undertake it. A lot of people might want to support the environment, but either don’t have the time, or maybe no desire for gardening. It really is such a waste that the gardeners among us don’t merge forces to create […]

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