Classic French Interior Design

French Design

Elegant homes in need of a little je ne sais quoi might well benefit from a French inspired makeover. French furniture has never gone out of style; from the provincial to the regal, it endures in the realms of good taste alongside full-bodied wines and soft, ripe cheeses.

Inspiration Throughout the Ages

France has long been admired for its beautiful furniture. Alongside its great reputation for producing noteworthy fashion and art it is also home to some of the world’s most beautiful architecture. For centuries, French furniture designers have taken inspiration from all around them; from the palaces to the cathedrals, romantic paintings and baroque ball gowns. The designers have sought to re-create this beauty in their furniture, which is why French furniture is classed amongst some of the breathtaking in the world. It is also often replicated in other countries, which means good news for any UK homeowner who is looking for bespoke French style furniture.

Choosing Your Perfect French Style Furniture

French furniture often features a range of overlapping styles, due to the time it took for court fashions to filter down to the provinces. Because of this it’s quite normal to see an individual piece showcasing detailing from one period and design – or even colour – from another. Choosing which French furniture will be suitable for your home depends very much on the existing interior design and whether or not you are wishing to buy just a few pieces or indulge in a complete home makeover. French style furniture can often be significantly cheaper than French antiques, so it may be worthwhile shopping around for bespoke French style furniture rather than buying the original thing.

A Wealth of Styles to Suit Any Taste

French style furniture draws inspiration from both the rustic and the modern. Many people choose to install farmhouse style furniture in their kitchens for a taste of the French countryside, whilst drawing upon modern-day Parisian inspiration for their bedroom or living room. French furniture from any period carries with it a history of regal or artistic reproduction, so whether you choose to live in the now or delve into the past, you’re sure to find a beautiful piece of French style furniture to suit your tastes and needs.