How To Decorate Your House In A French Parisian Design

Parisian Decoration

What house wouldn’t reap the benefits of a Parisian transformation giving it that Old Continent feeling, just brimming with intrigue and romance? It is possible to instantly add a lot of value by creating a vintage look, with luxurious Parisian items filling your spacious rooms. No one who’s ever been to Paris could help but adore that beautiful, worldwide tourism mecca. It is no surprise that renovating your home to replicate Paris is such a wonderful idea.

1. Parisian decor inspiration for your theme – Remember the preceding time you came across Paris

Present the elegance of Paris in your home with the warm tones of the walls. If you plan to add a great deal of accessories eventually, you’ll probably be better off to stick with most of the more neutral colors. Ivory or beige tend to be good choices if you’re going to be adding a lot of items with darker tones or even black. On the other hand, you may be more daring by going with lighter colors like pink, or even peach.

For that sweeping change, you can also look at the wallpaper. Nothing says “refined” like silky, French designed wall paper. Wall paper with pictures of the Eifel Tower, or perhaps a traditionally tiny Parisian street cafe, can work very well.

2. When it comes to furniture, your Grandma’s may be just the look you desire

You will not be required to buy new furniture for this kind of decorating. You might be able to get by with just a little refurbishing and paint to get that Paris look and feel. There’s a specific massive, worn look and feel to Parisian style furnishings. You’ll need items having richer tones, since they will surely be fitted with the precious trim made of silk or satin. You will find three pieces that are critical to Parisian decorating – a huge mirror, a small coffee table and a large, round table perfect for stylish parties.

Using a lot of black is an excellent means of avoiding making color matching mistakes. Black fits with everything. And you will probably want to seek out more mature pieces that ooze history; French furniture is often of contemporary design. Whenever thinking about material, opt for only the very best, most refined coverings for chairs and sofas. No shortcuts.

If you don’t own massive furniture, or your price range is too low for re-conditioning, inspire yourself with the romantic cafes of Paris, and opt for some iron furnishing. Seats with pillows, small coffee tables lined with satin, and delicate porcelain are great, as they will surely bring Paris into your home. If you need an imperative solution, cover the rounded table with many layers of material. Materials you’ll need are most likely in your home already, and this can be a big cost saving.

The beauty of Parisian decor is actually in the particulars. It is possible to bring Paris straight into your house by emphasizing just a few main things. Put artworks highlighting Paris sites and scenes on your walls. You can also get the heart and soul of Paris with framed photos, especially in sepia or black and white. It is possible to also include family pictures, framed in massive wood or other frames with an aspect of precious metals.