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Hydroponic system

If you are planning to build a grow room Aqua Culture will have anything that you need. Decide what kind of plants to grow and how many then decide what kind of room you want. A tent or a custom-built room are the choices. Aqua Culture has phenomenal hydroponic systems. They will also teach you how to use them properly.

Plan carefully before you decide to buy any equipment. Make sure you have plenty of electrical outlets, a good water supply and a proper ventilation system. Always make sure you have access to fresh air coming in the room. This requires intake fans and exhaust fans. The exhaust fan gets placed at the top of the room or tent and the intake fan gets placed at floor level. For healthy plants you must install a vent and a fan so the bad air can leave the room and fresh air gets brought in through the intake fan. The intake and outtake fans get placed at opposite ends of the room The size of the outtake fan you need depends on how many lights you have.

If you are building a room you need to line the walls with reflective material. The number of lights you need depends on how big the room is. After the room gets set up then decide what hydroponics nutrients you need. The strength of the nutrient depends on the type of plant you are growing and the stage of its growth. You have to accurately meter the nutrients. To do this you should acquire conductivity meter. The higher number of the meter indicates how strong the nutrients are. You will also need a basic pH kit to measure the ph of the nutrients. Most plants need a 5.5 to 6.5 range.

Proper lighting is really important to healthy plants. The more lights you have the hotter the room will get. You have to have a way to keep the temperature at 30 degrees centimeter. The lights should be installed directly above the plants. You do not have to grow a lot of plants to have a good crop.

Install your thermostats and timers and test all the fans and get the room to the required temperature and humidity. Install your system then the air pumps and heaters for the nutrient. Now you are ready to set the plants up. Make sure to keep a close check on the room for the first day.