The Fun Along With Other Advantages Of Growing Your Own Herbs

Herb Gardening Benefits

One of the numerous rewards of growing your own herbs is the fact that you can rely on them to bring out the flavor of food dishes. You can certainly use a small section of your garden, or perhaps planting pots, to raise enough herbs to satisfy all your needs – and your neighbourhood garden center or nursery will stock just about everything that’s needed for starting out. So let’s take a look at some of the benefits of growing herbs and the many uses for them.

Maximizing the flavor and color of food must be the one use of herbs that almost all people are familiar with. They really can be put into all sorts of dishes and this can include salads and soups. There is something thrilling about using ingredients raised and harvested by yourself, and perhaps that helps to explain the lift they bring to the taste of many meat dishes. Recipes can be adapted to bring new culinary pleasure to meals that were becoming a little mundane and everyday.

Over the ages a range of illnesses and maladies have been successfully treated with herbs, many of which are credited with curative powers.  You will discover a wide range of remedies based around herbs when you conduct some research. All these herbs are used either fresh or dried and can be taken internally, such as in drinking teas or tinctures or used externally by being applied to poultices and creams that can be applied to affected areas. Peppermint tea is a superb example of a therapy for an upset stomach and chamomile tea is recognized for its soothing effect and can help to calm you when taken before bedtime to help you gain a restful sleep.

Pick or trim your surplus herbs, which usually stimulates further growth, and then dry them for keeping. Employ them as you did the fresh version, in teas and as a culinary flavorant. One more use for dried herbs can be as a decoration and for creating potpourri. Dried herbs exude a aroma that’s very agreeable to the senses. Achieve a rural feeling with dried lavender strung in bunches from the kitchen ceiling, which will also provide subtle aromatic and visual tones .

A little herb garden or just a little space is enough to fruitfully raise herbs at home. Luckily herbs are usually grown very successfully in pots; just take a look at mint to prove the point. Some other plants grown close to mint aren’t a good idea, since its active and lusty spreading habit will soon suffocate them. If perhaps grown inside a pot, however, this tendency is well controlled. As with all container gardening you will have to water the pots regularly to prevent them from drying out.

It’s easy to get kids to participate in growing herbs at home, thereby introducing them to the advantages and fun of gardening. This may also get your children interested in cooking by adding the herbs they have grown to dishes and helping them to explore different flavors. An easy but intriguing way to get them started would be to let them sow and then watch grow some cress in a windowsill planter. It’s easy and quick to nurture and can be good fun to trim down and delicious to add to their food.

So you’ll find lots of reasons to start growing your own herbs and you will shortly reap the benefits of your efforts.