How to Keep Your Home Safe from Intruders

Home Protection

Gone are the days where you could keep your doors unlocked and trust that no one was going to try to break into your home. Not only do we need to keep our homes secure to protect our property and assets, we also need to protect ourselves and our families. Installing a home security systems is a must to protect your properties. Having security doors on your home is just the first step. You can also install security screens and an alarm system.

Security door

Not only will a security door help make your home safe from intruders, there are also many different designs available that will also improve the look of your front entrance. For example, you could fit an elaborate wrought iron door at your front entrance that works as a security door. With a security door in place you will also be able to let the summer breeze through and still keep your home secure. You can have your front door open, as well as your windows to let the breeze through your home, but keep the security door locked.

Security screens

You can install security screens on your windows, which is a good idea because intruders will not just target your door as a way in to your home. You can buy security screens for your windows that won’t block your view but still allow you to keep your windows open, even during the night, so you can let the cool breeze in. Screens will also keep the insects out.

Security alarm

An alarm system will help keep your home safe from intruders. This system is simple to operate, you enter a code into a pin pad to activate and deactivate it. A security alarm will go off automatically once it detects any movement in your house, so if anyone breaks in it will immediately go off. The alarm will be audible inside and outside your house, alerting the neighbours, scaring off the intruder and also alerting the security company who will then call the police.

Security camera

If you have a two storey home or a larger property you might want to look at getting security cameras installed around your property. If you have a high front gate and fence around your property then you can have a camera at your front gate so that you can see who is there without opening in the gate. You could fit a camera at your front door or if you really wanted you could have small cameras fitted throughout your home.

Guard dog

You might also want to get yourself a guard dog. Some bigger breeds of dogs work well as guard dogs, without training your dog. German Shepherds or a Doberman are perfect, but some dogs like Blue Heelers can be quite territorial and will bark at strangers.


Having a high fence or hedge around your property will help keep intruders out and will also make it difficult to get any of your possessions out of your house and off the property without creating suspicion.