How to Make More Selling an Eco-Friendly Home

Eco-friendly home for sale

Through buying an eco-friendly home a person is doing their bit to reducing their own carbon footprint.  If you have an eco-friendly home that you are wanting to put on the market then you are in a great position.  It can be a big draw card for buyers, and with all the extras on your house that will save the buyer both power and money on electricity bills, you will be able to demand a higher price.  If you have a solar panel to heat your water and have energy efficient appliances you are making a good start.  Having solar panels for your home will save the buyer a lot of money on their power bills and if the house itself is constructed out of recyclable materials, your home will really stand out to buyers.

 Ask a higher price

 One of the benefits of selling an eco-friendly home is that you can ask more for it. If you have made energy saving additions, such as adding solar panels on your roof, and if your home is made from recycled materials using environmentally friendly methods of building you will find that you are on a winning combination.  Any improvements you make to your home will increase it’s value so you will be able to ask for more.  Buyers should be told of the savings they can make due to the reduced need to use normal electricity, as well as any other eco-friendly changes you have made.  Whether it is through the use of either solar or wind energy, by saving water using devices like special shower heads and energy efficient appliances, a new owner will find their normal monthly bills will be less than they are used to.

 Make more people aware

 By selling an eco-friendly home you will also spread the word about the benefits of having an eco-friendly home.  Not only will you make the new owners aware of the need to help the environment but pass the message on to many others as well.  You will certainly have more than one person  inspecting your home, and even those who aren’t the buyers may take away information about how they can make their own homes more environmentally friendly.  The new owners may then go on to encourage their friends and family to make the switch to eco-friendly housing.

Create a demand for eco-friendly homes

To encourage more eco-friendly homes to be built you can be clever with your marketing and spread the word about the benefits of living more sustainably.  By helping create a demand for environmentally friendly homes you will encourage others to change to a more sustainable lifestyle and hopefully this will eventually mean that all new homes are automatically built using eco-friendly practices and methods of generating their own power.  There are real estate agents that deal specifically with eco-friendly homes so you are best contacting one of these agents to get the best help when selling your house.