Making your Garden Something Special

Japanese Garden

It is easy to fall into trends that you really don’t enjoy when designing your garden. We tend to think that a garden must be stately and understated to be worth looking at. You need to pass on the conventional ideas of what a garden looks like and think outside the box. It’s time to create a fantasy world on your property.

I’m not saying that you should build an animatronic dragon and hand your guests samurai swords as they enter your enchanted forest. What I mean is that your garden should reflect who you are and what your ideal of the living world of greenery is. Have you ever stepped into the orchid house at an arboretum and felt as if you were transported to someplace entirely different and alien to your own world? I think that this is the perfect feeling to illicit with your designs. If you actually do want to create a land of swords and sorcery then you should. Don’t let anyone tell you what your garden should or should not be. So long as you and your plants are happy, happy and safe then you’re doing it right.

Think about using unconventional design elements. Many people think that adding a unique element to a garden means adding a reflecting pond or a fountain. Interesting as these elements can be you see them everywhere. A bamboo garden is an interesting option that few people seem to embrace as much as they should. You could also change your entire gardening philosophy. Rock gardens are an entirely different idea from the leafy green landscape that many of us are used to. Research and consider adopting the gardening style of the Buddhist monks. Their gardens are amazing beautiful and their gardening techniques are amazingly different than the more western philosophy of tending your beds.

These ideas are just some suggestions to help you with your new design. If you start handing out ninja swords, let me know. That sounds like fun.