Meaning of Roses

Red Rose Heart Shape

It is no coincidence that rose is considered as a symbol of eternal love. Let’s learn about language of the flower speaks for the wonderful feelings.

The name “Rose” comes from the Latin “Rosa” meaning Red. However, roses vary in color. The Romans believed white roses grow anywhere the tears of Venus fell, as she cried for the death of Adonis.¬† Venus’s son is Cupid who had shot an arrow into the rose garden when being stung by bees. The arrow pointed into thorns. Venus accidentally walked on a thorn and her blood drops falling, colored the flowers in the garden. Red rose¬† was created.

The language of roses

With exquisite beauty, splendor and mystery, each of roses has its own message of love.

Colors of the flower

– Red: Love and respect
– White: Net naive, innocent and confidential
– Dark Pink: Gratitude, respect
– Lavender (light blue red phase): passion
– The color: The enchanting, charming
– Color pink: charm, charm
– Yellow: Friendship
– White and Red: The solidarity

Quantity of the flower

– Velvet roses 01: I love you
– 01 roses without thorns: love at first sight
– 02 Roses: Love comes from both sides
– 03 roses: I love you, love in the morning
– 07 roses: I love you, love deeply, passionately
– 09 roses: We’ll be together forever
– 10 roses: For me, they are a perfect
– 11 roses: You are the most precious treasure of my life
– 12 roses: Be my half
– 13 roses: We will always be you
– 15 roses: I’m really sorry
– 20 roses: Honesty in Love