Reasons Why You Should Build a Kit Home

Kit Home Design

Kit homes are a cost effective way to build a new home.  There are many designs to choose from, you can build it yourself, saving a lot of money, and you can even choose from a termite proof steel frame design.  Kit homes can be improved like any normal home, with the addition of patios, verandas, a garden, solar panels and any other home improvements.

Owner builder

The great thing about kit homes is that you can choose to build it yourself or you can hire a builder to help or even do the whole thing for you.  If you enjoy building or constructing things yourself and consider yourself a bit of a handy man then this sort of project would be a fantastic challenge.  You would be able to feel really proud knowing you have built your own kit home.  You can also enjoy building you home with your family or partner and spend weekends together working on your new home.


One of the main benefits of buying a kit home is how much money you can save, particularly if you do the construction work yourself. You can choose to have your kit home put together completely by a builder but due to the nature of how they are delivered it is possible to build your kit home all by yourself.  The homes come delivered in sections and then it is only a matter of following the instructions to build it yourself.  You might choose to build all of it yourself, although you will need to get a fully qualified electrician to do the electrical work for you.  The other option is to pay a builder, but your finished home will have ended up costing you a lot more.

Steel frames

Steel frames are fantastic because they are not only termite and pest proof but they will withstand a fire better than timber a framework which is handy because often people tend to choose to build cheaper homes when they are building a holiday home, and the areas these homes are built are places like the bush or rural areas where the threat of bush fire is greater.  Most kit homes come with the option of choosing a steel frame.   The other bonus is that steel frames are also sturdy and easy to put together.


There are now a lot of companies that supply kit homes, and with this competition there are now a lot of different styles available.  There are homes available that are perfect for beach homes and country style retreats and you can also buy a kit home to use as a granny flats, teenagers retreat and even a home office. There are kit homes available to suit all sorts of different lifestyles, with homes coming in many sizes to suit various budgets.  You can also put your own stamp on it by having an outdoor entertainment area with a patio, put on an extra veranda or make it more environmentally friendly by installing solar panels.