How To Repair a Creaking Door

Creaking Door Repair

Owning your very own house is great, especially if you’re handy, because you never have to search very far to find something else that needs fixing. A creaking door is one such thing. It isn’t really a big issue, but it sure can easily be an irritant to everyone until it’s fixed. Because it is not a critical enough problem to require a serviceman; it’s the sort of thing you want to be able to fix yourself.

The very first thing you must do to fix it is discover exactly where the squeak is. Do not even consider replacing the door itself – do the swing test first. Attempt to pinpoint the actual source of the squeak by means of listening carefully as you swing the door back and forth. In most cases, you’ll be able to hear the loudest place where the noise is coming from, and by that, figure out what the cause is. If you’re not having any success, try swinging the door at different speeds.

The most common cause of squeaking doors is a deficiency in hinge lubrication. If so, tighten the screws holding the plates to the door to begin with, and then pour a few drops of WD-40, or sewing maching oil, directly on the hinge. Let the oil run into the hinge, and swing the door back and forth several times. You’ll know straight away whether this was the trouble. If there’s still a squeak, there’s one additional likely root cause. Occasionally the squeak is induced by wood rubbing against other wood. Now this may happen if the door is swollen due to high humidity. To avoid this, just move the door stop so it doesn’t impact the door itself. All that you need to achieve this is a block of wood and a hammer. Work with the hammer along with the wood block to smack the door stop over slightly.

Keep at it right up until the door operates quietly and smoothly. The major problem with doing this, is that you will most likely break the paint, and needs to be repainted. An additional root cause may well be a hinge actually rubbing up against the door jam, maybe because it’s not cut in deeply enough, or it’s too deep. Should this be true, take the hinges off and cut them in more deeply, or place a shim in behind the hinges if they’re cut too deep. It can be kind of, a testing process, where you must keep checking.

If none of this works, you may find that the whole door should be replaced. Because of pre-hung doors, this is a pretty simple job. Doing this though, you should get doors that match, and spend quite a bit of time repainting. Don’t forget, it certainly is a job well done whenever you do it yourself.