Throwaway BBQs vs high-end gas BBQs

HI End BBQAs you browse the barbecues online or in your local store, you will be faced with throwaway ones that run off coals and cost less than a fiver, all the way up to high-end gas equipment that can cost several hundreds of pounds.

So, which do you choose? It can be a tricky decision and one that will depend on a lot of things, such as your current budget, lifestyle and what you hope to get out of the product. Below is a list of the pros and cons of throwaway BBQs and high-end gas ones such as the Weber Spirit Premium.

Throwaway BBQs

The most obvious advantage of barbecues that are designed to be thrown away is that they cost just a few pounds. If you’re in the park with friends, have yet to get round to snapping up a full-sized version or are off on a camping trip, disposable BBQs are certainly handy to have around. They actually heat up relatively quickly and do a good job if there are only a couple of you. Another advantage is that if you are not someone who regularly holds BBQs, you might find it easier to pick up a disposable product as and when you need it.

Of course, there are also downsides to these grills. They tend to be fairly small and not very powerful, so while they do a good job considering their affordability, they go out quite fast, so only useful for a quick meal for two or three of you. You also need to be careful where you place them, as the foil containers can easily mark grass and other surfaces. Likewise, since the coals just come in a tray, if you accidentally bump into them, you could end up with hot ash everywhere, spilt food and not enough coals left to cook the remainder of the meal.

High-end gas barbecues

If you select a high-end gas barbecue from a brand like Weber, you will enjoy a plethora of benefits. The first is that the Weber Spirit Premium, for example, comes with a 25-year warranty. This means should an incident occur that is covered by the document, you will not have to fork out to get the barbecue repaired or parts replaced. Likewise, should you need an extra part, you will have the peace of mind that the manufacturer will have everything in stock. You tend not to have this reliability when using cheap models.

High-end cooking equipment also comes with lots of features that make dishing up meals for your guests a doddle. Gone will be the days of dashing to and from the kitchen to grab food, dropping utensils on the floor and guessing if it’s hot enough to start cooking. From attached preparation tables and storage cupboards to utensil holders and built-in thermometers, pricier gas BBQs come with the extras that make this expenditure worthwhile if you are something of a barbecuing enthusiast.

That’s not to say high-end grills do not have any downsides. If you do choose gas, be aware your food will not come with the unique smoky flavour that cooking on coals provides. This is often part of the fun of eating barbecued food, while the smell of the burning coals is definitely one that marks the arrival of summer. There’s also the obvious initial expense, which you might not want to spend on a BBQ.

After reading the pros and cons to each product, what are your thoughts on throwaway and high-end gas BBQs?